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Our Heroes

Behind every Hero, is a team of passionate people.

Your Education Experts

Working in the heart of schools in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, has allowed for our team to build a unique platform specifically for primary aged learners. Hero is the result of collaboration between our team and heroes in schools, and continues to develop to support future-focussed pedagogy with students at the centre.

Behind the Scenes Heroes

Meet more of the clever minds supporting our schools and bringing Hero to life!

Amelia Bryden Amelia Bryden

Amelia Bryden

Marketing and Communications

Andy Collis Andy Collis

Andy Collis

Chief Financial Officer

Ayub Abdi Ayub Abdi

Ayub Abdi

Junior Software Developer

Brendan Kelly Brendan Kelly

Brendon Kelly

Development Team Lead

Caleb Ward Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward

Senior Customer Support Rep

Christie Horne Christie Horne

Christie Horne

Marketing Specialist

Daria Prianishnikova Daria Prianishnikova

Daria Prianishnikova

Junior Software Developer

David King David King

David King

Site Reliability Engineer

David McIntyre David McIntyre

David McIntyre

Intermediate Software Developer

Doug Hetherington Doug Hetherington

Doug Hetherington

Chief Technical Officer

Elise Williams Elise Williams

Elise Williams

Junior Office Assistant

Kees Tucker Kees Tucker

Kees Tucker

Intermediate Software Developer

Lauren Deans Lauren Deans

Lauren Deans

Finance Administrator

Matt Hartstonge Matt Hartstonge

Matt Hartstonge

Development Growth Lead

Merryn Solloway Merryn Solloway

Merryn Solloway

Marketing Team Lead

Paul Nicholls Paul Nicholls

Paul Nicholls

Lead Developer (NSW)

Perry Rowe Perry Rowe

Perry Rowe

Senior Customer Support Rep

Yvonne Huddleston Yvonne Huddleston

Yvonne Huddleston

Quality Assurance Lead