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Why Hero

Loaded with benefits for the whole school.

Unleash Student Potential

Securely bring together the sharing of learning, reporting, tracking, administration, pupil billing, and caregiver communications. Created by educators, Hero does the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on what really matters - the students. 

Hero for Schools

For Schools

Consolidate Systems

Streamline processes and amplify productivity in your school - tick off goals, hit strategic targets, and bring your school’s pedagogical vision to life.

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Eliminate duplication by storing all data in Hero, supporting cohesion, collaboration and visibility across your school and community.

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Process information quickly and efficiently with powerful tools and insights to reduce workload and keep on top of school-wide data management.

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Smart workflows help school administrators fly through all administrative and financial tasks with ease.

For Students

Empower Students

Hero fosters student agency and growth, giving students tools to celebrate and share learning, recognise what they have mastered, and know what to do next. 

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Students can set goals and map out learning in collaboration with teachers, to align with the curriculum, your school's pedagogical vision and personalised learning plans.

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Students can share learning through posting rich media that is visible for teachers and families. This builds a digital portfolio that moves with them through their primary years.

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Digital badges display on a student's profile, for teachers, caregivers and the student themselves to celebrate key milestones in their learning journey.

Hero for Students
Hero for Leaders

For School Leaders

Data-Driven Decisions 

Created by a primary school principal, Hero’s powerful analytics support school leaders to easily understand impact and engagement, school-wide.

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No more double-handling or data manipulation - easily access authentic data to guide whole school decisions and inform strategic planning.

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Analyse and monitor groups, cohorts, classes or the whole school with powerful, user-friendly insights to capture progress over time.

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Efficiently identify priority students, track interventions, set academic targets and moderate grades for school-wide consistency.

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Creating data is part of planning and teaching, restoring the balance for busy teachers, to focus on individual students and their progress.


What do School Leaders Say about Hero?

“There's less stress for the teachers. Our teachers were like, “This is great! We can see that our school is valuing our time.” They felt like we were caring for their hauora as well.”

Stanley Ave Logo for Hero

Stanley Avenue School
Di Meyler, Deputy Principal

"It's time-saving for teachers and admin staff, easy to use and a central platform to store all of our student and school information and data, plus builds a holistic picture of our students, which we can build on each year of their learning."


Carroll Public School
Rebecca Dowe, Principal

"Hero has allowed our students to have agency over their learning, has supported teachers to be co-agents of that learning and has encouraged the community to engage with our pedagogy.”

Hobsonville Point Primary School

Hobsonville Point Primary
Lisa Squire, Deputy Principal

For Teachers

Improve Workflows to Save Teachers' Time

Hero creates a holistic picture of the child, reducing workload with insights that inform planning, track student progress, and report to parents in real-time.

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Add data in just one place, to build meaningful, ongoing digital portfolios that visually bring together: learning, assessments, wellbeing, support and enrichment information.

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At the beginning of a school year, new teachers tap into a rich history of each student’s progress and passions, fostering positive relationships and seamless transitions.

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Student learning goals, based on the curriculum within Hero, automatically feed into formal reporting.

For Teachers
Hero for Whānau

For Families

Bridge the Gap Between Home and School 

Families are more connected than ever with Hero’s online, real-time reporting and streamlined communications - all through the one app.

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Real-time visibility over their children's progress against the curriculum, including current learning goals and next steps.

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Caregivers actively engage in rich learning conversations, through posting, commenting and reacting to their child’s digital portfolio.

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With fine-grain control over sending the right information to the right people, caregivers only receive information relevant to their family, boosting engagement.

Leaders in Change and Innovation

Led by educators, Hero is trusted to deliver meaningful innovation and practical tools for schools to reach success.

Hero - Holon IQ

Making Strides in EdTech Innovation

Hero has been named in HolonIQ's Australia & New Zealand EdTech 50 for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 - leading the way in continual growth and innovation for our schools.


Team of Experts

Receive support from a team of experts who have lived experience in school leadership and change management, through rich professional learning opportunities.

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