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Hero Finance and Administration: NSW DoE AMPS Approved!

The Hero Finance Kit has received the official seal of approval from the NSW Department of Education as an Administration Marketplace Panel for Schools (AMPS) provider!

Hero Finance Kit Department of Education Approved AMPS Provider for NSW Schools

We're thrilled to announce that our comprehensive Hero Finance Kit has received the official seal of approval from the NSW Department of Education as an Administration Marketplace Panel for Schools (AMPS) provider! 

Created by educators and trusted by hundreds of schools across NZ & the globe for more than 8 years, we are excited to see our powerful finance functionalities touch down in NSW. With finance now loaded in the toolkit, NSW schools can choose Hero as their all-in-one, DoE AMPS-approved platform! 

Hero makes learning and school management a breeze, with syllabus-aligned student learning, reporting, communication, billing, and administration in one, user-friendly system. Empower student growth, foster strong connections between home and school, and streamline systems and workflows.

“It's time-saving for teachers and admin staff, easy to use and a central platform to store all of our student and school information and data, plus builds a holistic picture of our students, which we can build on each year of their learning."

- Rebecca Dowe, Principal, Carroll Public School


NSW tick of approval: Administration and Finance

A complete EBS decommission replacement system, Hero offers an all-in-one solution for schools to meet their administration and management needs, including:

  • Attendance
  • Student billing & finance
  • Wellbeing, behaviour & suspensions
  • Sickbay register
  • Medical & medications management
  • Groups, rooms & staff management
  • Powerful data analysis tools
  • Extensive reporting tools and analytics

Hero NSW Finance Kit AMPS approved


Can Hero also replace my school’s current learning portfolio app?

Absolutely! Student agency is at the heart of our vision, and with more than 10 million learning posts already published in Hero, sharing learning stories is our superpower. As a Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) assessed platform, Hero is the safe and secure choice.

  • Report and track progress against the NSW syllabus
  • Students and teachers can create and set outcomes, content and progressions, including Personalised Learning Pathways (PLPs)
  • Students share evidence of learning against their personalised goals
  • Assessments and visual progress indicators for caregivers
  • Digital badging functionality to recognise student milestones
  • Online, real-time reporting
  • Student reports
  • New: Comet, our innovative and secure AI tool, to streamline the planning process and reignite lessons with fresh inspiration
Hero complete solution

“We love the visual appeal of the app. We are impressed with the easy to navigate one-stop-shop platform and think it really puts students at the centre of everything we are doing. Three cheers and well done to Hero!”

- Kerry McConaghy, Principal, Cammeray Public School


Can we communicate with families through Hero?

Communicate with families directly through the secure Hero App, eliminating the need for frequent emails, text messages, phone calls and paper trails. Parents can also engage directly with their child’s learning stories, see their progress in real-time, and report an absence - all in one app.

  • Secure, targeted communications & school notices via Community Feed
  • Absence notifications
  • Super Simple Surveys to gather student voice, & collect information & preferences from parents
  • Engage families in learning - they can view, react, and comment on learning content and reports
  • School bookings for parent-teacher interviews & student-led conferences
  • Links for quick access to school notices, term dates, website, school calendar & more!

“Of all the programs that the school has used, this is definitely my favourite. It is user friendly and so simple to use.”

- Parent, Boggabri Public School

Unleash learner potential with a complete solution

Whats your Hero stack NSW

Between supporting our heroic NSW schools, and connecting with so many new schools recently, it has been great seeing the natural alignment between pedagogical visions and Hero. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships with innovative NSW public schools!


Keen to explore our heroic offering for NSW Schools? Get in touch for more info or book a software demo.

Hero is an approved provider in the NSW Department of Education's EdBuy platform.



The Hero Team

The Hero Team

Our Heroes bring deep education experience from working in the heart of schools across NZ, Australia, and the UK.

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