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Empowering Learner Agency: Tools and Strategies for Engaged Learning with Hero

Educator Felicity Goodfellow shares her experience witnessing the power of learner agency in driving engagement and fostering deep learning experiences.

Hero Blog - Empowering Learner Agency with Hero

In my experience, as an educator, I have witnessed the power of learner agency in driving engagement and fostering deep learning experiences.

In today's digital age, we have a wealth of tools at our disposal to elevate learner agency to new heights. This blog will explore the concept of learner agency, its importance in education, and how the Hero toolbox provides a range of features to empower students in their learning journey.

What is learner agency, and why is it so important?

Learner agency refers to the power of students to actively influence, shape and participate in their own learning. When learners have agency, they take ownership of their educational journey, making choices, setting goals, and reflecting on their progress. This sense of ownership and control over learning leads to increased motivation, engagement, and ultimately, academic success.

Fulfilling our heroic duty!

Hero is a comprehensive digital platform designed to enhance learner agency by providing various tools and features that promote active participation and reflection, which can be shared with both teachers and parents. Let's explore some of Hero’s key tools for learners!

Student Posting:

Hero enables students to make their learning visible through posting their work, setting goals, and providing evidence of their progress. By sharing their thoughts, ideas, and reflections, students not only engage with their own learning but also collaborate with their peers through commenting and feedback. This tool empowers students to take charge of their learning process.

Personal Learning Plans (PLPs):

Hero enables students to write and set their own personal learning goals. These goals can range from being subject-specific, aligned with school values, or extra curricular passions, and can form the basis of conversations at student-led conferences. With the support of page templates and information provided within Hero, students can structure their reflections and monitor their growth throughout the year.

Digital Badging:

Digital badging is an effective way to track progress and collect evidence of students' skills and achievements. Hero’s in-built digital badging functionality allows students to upload evidence that demonstrates their mastery of specific criteria or goals. When students complete the criteria, their teachers can award them badges, providing a visual representation of their accomplishments. We unpack the benefits of digital badging further in this recent Hero blog: The Power of Digital Badges in Education.

Student Self-Reflection:

Self-reflection plays a crucial role in enhancing students' learning experiences. Hero facilitates self-reflection through various means, such as posting and monitoring progress over time. By creating posts, reflecting on their learning, and observing their growth, students develop a deeper understanding of their knowledge and identify areas for improvement. They can also create personal learning plan goals, monitor their progress, and upload further evidence to meet each goal.

Student Self-Assessment:

Hero's self-assessment tool empowers students to evaluate their own learning journey. Students have the opportunity to give themselves grades, reflecting on their attitude, effort, and the quality of their work. This process fosters a sense of responsibility and ownership, encouraging students to take an active role in their academic development.


Supporting students to pave their pathway...

Learner agency is a key component of effective education, amplified with Hero’s smart toolbox. With Hero, students have the opportunity to make choices, collaborate with peers, and take ownership of their learning. Additionally, Hero supports goal setting, self-reflection, and self-assessment, which are vital skills for lifelong learning.

By utilising Hero’s array of features, teachers can structure conferences, gain student input and voice, and provide personalised support based on individual needs. These strategies, paired with best practice pedagogy, create learning environments that not only nurture agency but cultivate lifelong learners who are prepared to navigate the road ahead of them. 



Felicity Goodfellow

Felicity Goodfellow

Senior Hero Consultant, Felicity, leverages her extensive teaching background and product knowledge to personalise and supercharge the Hero experience for schools.

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