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Streamline sharing, tracking and reporting

The student-centric software powering New Zealand schools.

The student-centric software powering New Zealand schools.

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The best elements of a School Management System and Learning Management System in one intuitive platform

Come Together

Track and report on student learning and growth, streamline communications with families, and achieve your school’s assessment, reporting and administrative needs - all through Hero.

Collaborative Learning Journeys

Goal setting and sharing capabilities promote student growth and agency. Students build confidence by pioneering their learning, in close collaboration with their teachers and families.

Simplify Systems and Processes

Replace your Student Management System, Digital Portfolio App, School Communications App and Online Payments App, and discover Hero's smart interoperability.

Increased Visibility

Access Hero from anywhere, at any time with the Hero App! Learning can be captured and shared on the go, providing greater visibility across the holistic learning journey.

"Hero is such a great application for schools who want to dig deep into learning and learner agency! As a school leader, I can’t recommend it highly enough!"

Why Hero?

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Getting started is simple

Our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process. From transitioning to training - we even take care of the data transfer from your old system, for you!

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"The transition for our teachers into this year has been incredibly positive - tracking of student progress, flexible grouping, and analysis of data. Using Hero has transformed how we operate and function as a school."

Former educators with a vision

Founders Paul and Aimie Sibson, a former primary school principal and teacher, created Hero with a mission to foster student agency and best practice pedagogy. Now, they have built a passionate team who share in the vision of empowering primary schools globally!

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Work smarter

Explore how Hero's range of smart workflows function to guide your whole school community to success.


A Powerful Student Management System

Hero is fully cloud-based and built on modern, secure API driven technology.

We have a growing number of smart integrations, including:

Xero VisTab AccessIt Hail Kindo

"We have a lot more data on hand than a traditional reporting system. Our teachers have easy access to really rich information on how our children are growing."

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