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Meet Hero

Streamline sharing, tracking and reporting in primary schools

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Meet Hero

Streamline sharing, tracking and reporting in primary schools

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Meet Hero

Streamline sharing, tracking and reporting in primary schools

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The Plug & Play Solution for Australian Primary Schools

Hero brings together learning portfolios and formal reporting, to save teachers time and meet formal reporting requirements.

Collaborative Learning Journeys

Foster student agency by enabling learners to actively set Australian Curriculum-aligned goals, contribute to and celebrate their learning journeys, in close collaboration with their teachers & families.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Easily analyse and monitor groups, cohorts, classes or the whole school with powerful, user-friendly insights to guide whole school decisions and inform your school's strategic planning.

Streamline Reporting & Communication

Reduce administration with one app for communication with families, school information, reporting and sharing of learning.

Make Learning Visible

Create a holistic picture of each child by bringing together visually: learning, assessments, behaviour, pastoral, wellbeing, learning support and enrichment information.

"It's time-saving for teachers and admin staff, easy to use and easy to access, but also a central platform to store all of our student and school information and data, plus builds a holistic picture of our students, which we can build on each year of their learning. I am excited by everything that can be achieved through using Hero!

Why Hero?

Explore how Hero does the heavy lifting for your school.

Educators with a Vision

Founders Paul and Aimie Sibson, a former Primary School Principal and Teacher, created Hero with a mission to foster student agency and best practice pedagogy. Now, they have built a passionate team of educators who share in the vision of empowering primary schools globally!

Meet Hero's Education Experts
“With Hero, our students are at the centre of their learning. From goal setting, and uploading work samples to reflect on the goals they have set, to reporting on teaching and learning.”

Getting Started is Simple

Our team of experienced school leaders have worked with hundreds of primary schools to design the simplified solution for sharing and reporting learning. The Hero Starter Pack meets Australian jurisdictional reporting requirements and is ready to fly, with minimal setup!

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“Through Hero, our staff are seeing the clear link between authentic data and targeted programming to meet the needs of our students and student achievement. The access to student progress is highly visible and accessible not only to staff, but also to parents, and the students themselves. This is incredibly powerful."

Looking for a Hero?

Learn more about the Hero Starter Pack, to get your school flying!


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