Bridge the gap between school and home.

Bridge the gap between school and home.

Bridge the gap between school and home.

Families are more connected than ever with Hero’s online, real time reporting and streamlined communications.

In the age of infowhelm, the challenge for busy caregivers is knowing where and how to access all current and past information quickly. Though technology has enabled more effective communication, caregivers still face app overload, a full email inbox and digging around for paper at the bottom of school bags.

We know that reporting to caregivers is a time-consuming task and learning has often moved on by the time reports are sent home. Hero serves to capture timely and regular updates of primary school learning, to provide an accurate snapshot of progress across years.

Visibility over your child’s learning

One of Hero's superpowers is the transparency it offers for caregivers over their child’s learning. Hero’s reporting tools allow caregivers to see live updates of where their children are working in the curriculum and what their next steps are, at any given time.

Join the learning conversation

Parents can see personalised teachers comments, their child’s reflections, work samples and even digital badges that have been awarded. Actively join the learning conversation and strengthen 3-way learning partnerships through posting, commenting and reacting to content - from anywhere, anytime.

Streamline all school communications

Busy parents can download the Hero app, turn on notifications and easily access important information. With fine-grain control over sending the right information to the right people, parents only receive information relevant to their family.

For families with children across multiple Hero schools, all school information for each child can be accessed through the one Hero app!

Work Smarter

Explore how Hero’s smart workflows function to bring families on the learning journey.

Progress is very visible and parents love that we are sharing their children’s uniqueness, skills and strengths. The system is particularly well-received by parents of children with learning needs in reading, writing and maths. Their children are no longer defined by generic levels but by personalised goals, and they too are part of a positive learning journey where individual talents and successes are celebrated.

Your communication Hero!