The trusted Hero your Board needs.

The trusted Hero your Board needs.

The trusted Hero your Board needs.

In order to make informed, data-driven decisions, school leaders and governing bodies require quality, accurate and consistent data.

Without a system in place to lift load, this can lead to increased workload for school staff - particularly when gathering and recording data in numerous places. Hero is designed to minimise workload, whilst also providing high quality, consistent data that creates a tangible difference in schools and for learners. One app to rule them all!

Better data = better decisions

Hero is built to be flexible and to reflect the curriculum, vision and values of your school so that teachers can focus on individual students and their progress. This means that creating data is part of teaching and planning, rather than a separate task. Best fit algorithms, data tracking tools and powerful tagging options help teachers to share learning without having to double handle or duplicate data.

Designed in cohort with educators

Hero provides a range of analysis tools that are gathered together under ‘insights’ for any group. These have been designed by working closely with teachers, governing bodies and school leaders with the aim of removing the need to extract data into other tools for analysis.

Data is easy to access, very easy to share and report to the staff and Board of Trustees. Even easier to send to the Ministry of Education.
Primary School Principal

Your data Hero!