Spotlight on Hero Sponsorship

Spotlight on Hero Sponsorship

When the school gate banner loses its shine, and a logo on the website isn’t gaining traction, Hero’s sponsorship feature steps in to save the day!

Recent times have reacquainted us with the value of building strong community connections. Hero’s sponsorship feature acts to shine a light on companies and organisations committed to helping your school and community.

Through the Hero app, parents and caregivers have the ability to regularly see notices, student learning and payment information. This engagement provides schools with the ability to leverage ongoing sponsorship opportunities within the school community, and sponsors can gather necessary success metrics. 

Advertising space = funds raised 

The Hero app provides a placeholder so schools can add an image and link to a sponsorship section on school notices/newsletter pages. For example, a local business may wish to buy this space from the school for a period of time, knowing that families of the school will access this information frequently. Sponsorship banners can be updated as and when need be, through a few simple clicks in the Hero app. 

If sponsorship is not yet a path being explored, schools can utilise the feature to promote upcoming school events such as productions, fundraisers, or PTA events. In true Hero style, how schools decide to use this space is versatile, and customisable to suit any occasion!