New Action Plan: Hero for Students

New Action Plan: Hero for Students

For useful tips, tricks, and ideas to successfully bring students onboard with Hero - we've got it covered!

Every Heroic story starts with a catalyst - a pivotal moment of realisation, leading to action. When it comes to the origins of Hero, it was recognising that better software is needed to, fundamentally, support the learning journeys of students. Afterall, students are at the heart of what we, as educators, do.

Bringing Students onto Hero

Introducing any new software or process to students takes careful planning and consideration. Whilst Hero provides an intuitive user experience, it is still important to provide structure and guidelines around how the platform will be set up and used to align with your school context - both from a teaching perspective, and a student’s perspective. Developing a clear implementation plan will set students up for success, and help them to pioneer their journey with a sense of independence and ownership.

Knowing where to begin, as with any new initiative, is often the hardest part. We have kick-started this planning process for you, by drawing upon our own learnings and experiences as former educators in schools. Following our recent Action Plan releases for the NELPs, Professional Learning, and Hero Families, we have now created a guided plan specifically for promoting student agency. For useful tips, tricks, and ideas to successfully bring students onboard with Hero, check out the Hero for Students Action Plan here!

Stay tuned for more coming on this topic, to support you in getting students excited to share their learning with Hero. We can’t wait to hear of the successes you have in your Heroic classrooms!