Major Release: Keep it Top Secret with Hero’s Confidential Pages!

Hero has a new feature, and we’re giving you full access! Get ready for increased control over user accessibility in your Hero site - bringing the next level of granular control and confidentiality for student pages and data.

Now, the power is in the hands of our heroes

Hero’s Confidential Pages feature gives schools control over the visibility of specific student pages, on an individual staff member basis. Sensitive information is safely stored away for staff who need it, and out of sight for those who do not - it’s that simple! This is a comprehensive new feature that will help schools to better manage student data and information, whilst also making it easier to track and record support information in one place.

Now that we’ve granted you full access to this fantastic feature, let’s explore its smart functionality...

Hero users with administration rights can set security levels on student pages so that access is restricted. 

The available control settings are:

  1. Standard page - visible to most staff members in the school.

  2. Sensitive page - only visible to staff members with sensitive access rights.

  3. Confidential pages - only visible to staff members with top level access rights.

School staff can be now be given access rights as follows:

  1. Restricted access - cannot see any student pages unless specifically granted for an individual student.

  2. Standard access - can view all student pages, apart from those set as sensitive or confidential.

  3. Sensitive access - can view all student pages, apart from those set as confidential.

  4. Full access - can view all student pages.

Relief for relievers!

The new access levels mean that you can create Restricted Access Hero accounts for your regular relievers. Now they can breeze through administration tasks, such as taking the roll or printing lists, without having access to student pages.

Let’s put this feature into play...

A student in your school is receiving additional learning support, and you need to store meeting notes and progress information in Hero. However, you wish to restrict access so that only senior staff members and visiting specialists can view this information. Using your ‘Support’ student page, the new Confidential Pages feature swoops in to save the day:

  • Adjust the Support page access settings to be Confidential.

  • Set the access level for your senior staff members to be Confidential.

  • Create a new staff member account for your visiting specialist, and set their access level to Restricted.

With this ticked off, visit the Support page for the student. By using the new Manage Access button, you are able to add the new staff member as an approved member of this page (for this student only).

But what about pre-existing page subscriptions? Sorted.

When changing the access levels of staff members or student pages, your subscriptions will automatically be updated. Only staff members with the appropriate access can receive notifications from pages which have access control settings applied.


It has never been more important to make sure that the key people in schools have the information they need, in a confidential safe space, to support our smallest heroes to thrive. This top tier feature is now live for Hero schools - go and have a peek!

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