Hero and the School Library

Hero and the School Library

Did you know that Hero can be used to amplify your student’s use and understanding of the school library?

In line with our recent webinar, ‘Hero for the School Library’, we are sharing some helpful initiatives to bring together Hero with your student’s use of the school library. So, whether your library is a physical space or has been shifted online, read on for video tips, insight and inspiration - courtesy of our superhero, and former School Library Manager, Sarah! 

Image by: LINC-ED Hero

Sarah joined the Hero team in 2017, with an enthusiasm to support Hero schools from an administration perspective. Also as a former library manager, in both community and school libraries, Sarah brings a unique wealth of knowledge to our team - drawing upon passions from her time spent with children in the library context. Sarah’s keen involvement with local libraries stemmed from her own love of books, and passion for helping people to find information in this world of info-whelm.

This week’s webinar, courtesy of Sarah, provides users with tips and tricks to help bring Hero and the school library together.

Hero and the School Library

Running a library can, at times, take many hands and minds combined. Bringing students along on this service-driven journey is a great way to promote a sense of leadership and independence, whilst gently encouraging a love of literacy. It’s a win-win! Hero’s Goal Setting and Digital Badging functions are two ways in which Hero can support this learning journey for students.

Setting Library Specific Goals

Hero’s Goal Setting function allows for teachers to set library specific goals for students to work towards. To guide you through what this may look like, check out a short highlight from Sarah’s webinar and the accompanying resources below:

Hero Goals for the School Library LINC-ED Hero

Goal Setting Help Articles:

Digital Badging to Recognise Achievement

As a way to incentivise and recognise progress, Hero allows for digital badges to be awarded to students as they move through achieving each goal. These badges display alongside a student’s Hero profile. As an example, Sarah has created her own set of digital badges (library themed!) fit for this purpose, which can be seen in the short video clip below.

Hero Badging for the School Library LINC-ED Hero

Digital Badges Help Articles:

Note: Sarah’s full webinar can be accessed as part of the 2021 Hero Webinar Series.

Hero’s Integration with Accessit Library

Hero’s successful API partnership with Accessit Library helps facilitate all of your library management and resourcing needs. With an automated borrower sync between Hero and Accessit Library, the integration makes it easy and efficient to get students ready to borrow from your library of great resources.

“Accessit Library is designed to search all your library and school resources, both physical and digital, in a single online hub. Accessible from anywhere and on all devices, students are readily engaged and able to find mis-spelt and truncated words in a fun and visual way. With One Search you collate websites that are age appropriate and reliable for all levels of learning - all within the Accessit hub.”

We hope that this has been helpful in giving you some ideas as to how you may use Hero to support students with using your school library.

For all queries, please get in touch with our Heroic helpdesk team!