The Hero app is about what is happening right now, so there’s no time like the present to introduce parents to Hero’s up-to-the-minute connectivity. Our team have some ideas about how you can make this a Heroic success.



Get ready for action!

All good superheroes are prepared, so there are no surprises. Taking time to read, review and set up Hero correctly will ensure that everything will run smoothly.

  • Prepare Hero so that the end-user experience is a smooth as possible:
  • Plan your communications:
  • Prepare your internal team for the launch:


Spread the word!

Make it easy for families to learn more about Hero and how your school will be using the app.

  • Inform and engage your community:
  • Support families to get started:


Engage, recognise and reward!

Talk to the early adopters, find out what they love and recognise those who have downloaded and connected.

  • Promote the app with your community:


Review, rework and inspire!

For you to maximise the customisation potential that Hero offers we need feedback - and we are always hungry to hear your thoughts!

  • Regular review, reflect and update: