The simplified solution for sharing and reporting learning.

The simplified solution for sharing and reporting learning.

The simplified solution for sharing and reporting learning.

Hero Starter Pack

Our team of experienced school leaders have worked with hundreds of schools to design the simplified solution for sharing and reporting learning.

Pre-loaded with NSW syllabus outcomes and content, the Hero Starter Pack meets NSW Department of Education requirements and is ready to fly, with minimal setup needed. Just plug and play!

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Communications Extension Kit

Additional features to help make life easier for families and schools, including powerful teacher booking features, and surveys to support gathering data from students and their families.

Administration Extension Kit

Elevate Hero to a world-class Student Management System, reducing workload for teachers and school administrators. This comprehensive integration is fully compatible with the Hero App, for effortless parent-school interactions.

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Finance Extension Kit - Coming Soon!

Effortlessly manage student-related costs and activities with our powerful student billing and payments solution. This user-friendly system makes recording, requesting, and processing of payments a breeze. Fully integrated into the Hero App, parents have all financial activity at their fingertips.

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Power Up

Seamlessly begin using Hero with the Starter Pack, then elevate your experience with Power Ups - unlocking customisation of various features to meet your school’s needs and match your school's vision.

Ready to level up? Ask our team about unlocking our customisation Power Ups.

Getting Started

Hero is an approved NSW Department of Education provider, available in the EdBuy catalogue. Our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process - from transitioning to training - including syncing your student data with ERN.

Ready to unleash your school's superpowers with Hero?

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