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Student agency is at the heart of Hero’s vision.

Student agency is at the heart of Hero’s vision.

Student agency is at the heart of Hero’s vision.

Success happens when students are happy, engaged and have agency over their own learning.

Hero gives K-6 students the tools they need to understand their learning as it progresses, recognise what they have mastered, and know what to do next. Every student is unique and can benefit from more personalised learning, with support from their teachers and families.

Empowering students

Hero promotes student agency and growth, enabling students to set their own goals in close collaboration with teachers - to align with your curriculum and personalised learning plans. This creates space for regular reflection and ongoing learning conversations, supporting students to take charge of their learning.

A visual learning journey

Students have the ability to share their learning through posting rich media, documents and images to their profile, making learning visible for teachers and caregivers. Over the course of their primary years, they build a digital portfolio of their learning which, when woven with teacher feedback, creates rich learning stories that move with them.

Celebrate success

Achievement should be celebrated! Hero’s Digital Badging functionality gives recognition to students as they reach key milestones in the holistic learning journey. Digital badges display on a student's profile, for teachers, caregivers and the student themselves to see as a celebration of new achievements or skills acquired.

Hero has been instrumental in transforming the way we report student success and next steps. It supports collaborative teaching, as all staff are able to access data for all students. The ease of application and training for staff is like no other programme we have used.

Get students flying!