Supporting leaders to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Supporting leaders to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Supporting leaders to make data‑driven decisions with ease.

Future focussed leadership deserves a student management system to match.

Choose a fully cloud-based solution that delivers the information you need, when you need it. No more double-handling or data manipulation - Hero helps school leaders get the data they need quickly and efficiently, to guide strategic planning and empowered decision making. Time is put back into what matters: supporting teachers and students. The Hero platform is flexible to reflect any curriculum, as well as your school's unique vision and values, with the help of additional smart and secure integrations controlled by your school.

Increased connectivity

Hero connects the key elements of modern day learning in one place - online, real time, anywhere and on any device. Holistic learning journeys are made visible to create school-wide synergy, aligning with student centric and future focussed pedagogy. Hero’s smart integrations and interoperability significantly reduce the need for additional apps and services, and allow data to flow seamlessly. 

Quick data

School leaders can get the data they need efficiently to support strategic planning and governance decision making. Hero was built by a primary school principal, who has first-hand understanding of the data requirements at management level. 

Super support

Designed and built by former educators, Hero users receive ongoing support from a highly experienced team who stay abreast of new and emerging educational trends and best practice. Over 10 years of EdTech industry experience and work with schools has shaped Hero as the modern and user-friendly product that it is today.

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Private & secure

Hero takes data privacy and security very seriously. Be reassured that we adhere to industry best practices, including an annual independent security audit and full penetration testing.

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Hero is simple to sift and sort, and visually easy to read. We can analyse trends and patterns and at a click of a button segregate data in different ways. But the real power is in the ability to go beyond the raw data and look at the learning disposition behind that data.
Primary School Deputy Principal

Your management Hero!