The Heroic World of APIs

The Heroic World of APIs

Following a positive in-house connect with four of our API integration partners, the Hero team are feeling excited about the benefits of having an Application Programming Interface (API).

To extend on yesterday’s session at Hero HQ, we thought we would break down the world of APIs - including how the Hero API functions, and what this means for our users.

In 2016, Linc Technologies embarked on a journey to rebuild LINC-ED as our new Hero product. One of the key drivers behind this decision was developing an API, which would allow for complementary software products to integrate with Hero. Having an API would, therefore, build a better and more comprehensive solution for the users we share with our integration partners.

The Hero App utilises the core API to ensure that users only see data relevant to them. This allows for us to tailor the Hero experience for our 3 different groups of users (students, schools and families). It is also an essential part in building exciting new features, such as the “Report an absence” button on the family app, and will ensure that we are future-ready for any integrations with government agencies.

Thanks to the security controls enabled by our API, we are able to work with numerous complementary companies to create a network of apps and services - all of which are up to date, and function seamlessly with Hero. The sharing of school data via our API is strictly controlled, and only enabled with the permission of each school.

Our current API partners are listed below, and you can find more information about these products via their websites:





“API syncing is really useful, it has saved my librarian and office team a lot of time.”

(School Leader: Christchurch, New Zealand November 2020)

“The Hero API documentation is some of the best I have ever seen. Well done!”

(Integration Partner, 2020)

We hope you are enjoying the benefits of the Hero API and we look forward to extending our partnerships in the future.