Behind every Hero, is a team of passionate people. 

Behind every Hero, is a team of passionate people. 

Behind every Hero, is a team of passionate people. 

Our Heroes

Our Heroes understand education, and bring a wide range of skills in school leadership and change management, teaching & learning, and office & finance administration. Working in the heart of schools has allowed for our team to build a unique platform specifically for primary schools.

Hero is the result of collaboration between our team and heroes in schools, and continues to develop to support future-focussed pedagogy with students at the centre.

Your Education Experts

Aimie Sibson
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Aimie is an accomplished Secondary School Teacher (UK, NZ) and Ed-Tech Leader with a passion for empowering women in tech. 

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Andrea Stewart
Head of Sales (ANZ)
Andrea has worn a range of capes spanning more than 20 years working in various teaching and leadership roles within Australia, NZ and the UK.

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Angela Mann
Senior Hero Consultant
Angela is a qualified Primary Teacher with nearly three decades of teaching, ICT consulting and facilitation in NZ and the UK.

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Angela White
Business Development Manager
A Teacher and Educational Leader with 20+ years experience in Australia and NZ, Angela is recognised for her work on emotional literacy in schools.

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Cara Taylor
Senior Hero Consultant
Cara is a former Deputy Principal with a deep understanding of the challenges and demands that come with working in the education field. 

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Carolyn Silby
Customer Experience Lead
A Primary Educator of 23 years, Carolyn is passionate about building relationships to achieve the best outcomes for the whole child.

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Felicity Goodfellow
Senior Hero Consultant
With over 13 years of experience in teaching & leadership roles (NZ, UK), Felicity is passionate about making a positive impact in education.

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Ginnie Chapman
Senior Hero Consultant
Ginnie has over 33 years of experience in education, 20 of which were spent as a Primary School Principal.

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Glenys Williams
Chief Product Officer
Glenys is a former School Leader, passionate about digitally connecting teachers, students and parents to build learning partnerships.

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Jack Goodfellow
Head of Operations (ANZ)
With a wealth of educational leadership experience in NZ and the UK, Jack has a deep understanding of the challenges facing schools today.

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Kate Bond
Administration Consultant
With a decade of experience in the school office, Kate has a unique understanding of the pressures and multi-tasking that administrators face.

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Luke Norman
Senior Hero Consultant
Luke is a former NSW School Principal, dedicated to transforming lives through educational excellence and innovation.

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Paul Sibson
Co-Founder and CEO
Paul is a former Teacher and Primary School Principal (UK, NZ) with an unwavering passion for supporting student learning through technology.

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Rachel Quinn
Hero Consultant
An innovative NSW Educator, Rachel has a passion for building teacher capacity and improving student learning outcomes.

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Whilst we have a transformative product, with any successful company, it is people and relationships that matter. I am incredibly proud of the team we have built. We know our client schools extremely well, we know what makes them unique and special, and we care.

The Journey to Hero

Founders, Paul and Aimie Sibson, a former primary school principal and secondary teacher, have a unique understanding of the education landscape and the specific requirements of the school context. 


Every good Hero has an origin story. Ours begins with a lightbulb moment, when Paul identified a gap in the market’s offerings for a solution that would bring together all aspects of school life. It became increasingly apparent that harnessing technology would pave a better way forward for teachers, parents and students to share and track learning - online, real-time. Through their own experiences, Aimie and Paul also saw a strong need to reduce the administrative workload for teachers, and to improve the workflow and efficiencies for school administration. 


And so, Hero's predecessor - LINC-ED - was born. The software was designed as a communication tool to share, track and analyse learning. The goal was to make students’ learning visible to all of those on the learning journey (school leadership, teachers, teaching assistants) and LINC-ED introduced the concept of online, real-time reporting to parents. This style of reporting extended beyond progress and achievement, to also capture learning stories and accelerate student agency.


After being accepted as 1 of 10 companies into the Vodafone Zone Accelerator Start Up programme, the decision was made to rebuild the platform from the ground up. The vision was to provide a modern, API driven solution - one that was scalable, interoperable with complimentary products, and able to meet evolving security and privacy requirements. This rebuild was completed in 2019 with the launch of Hero.


Hero now supports nearly 600 schools globally, as more and more schools have steadily joined us and are enjoying the benefits of the system. Thousands of families now read their children's school reports online, and schools no longer need to run a separate system for managing student information and reports.

Just as it was when we were educators, student learning remains our "why" and remains at the centre of our development of Hero. Our team is built of passionate educators and former administrators, to ensure that strong pedagogy and best practice continues to drive the use of the platform.